Flames Game Algorithm - How it Works?

Flames game is very popular for kids and 99% of students in their playschool has played this game with their friends. They used to believe this game decides their future with their crush or best buddies. We still remember how good we laugh when we get Marriage after calculating Flames for our name and our best friend of the same gender. Good olden days right?

Some took this game very seriously, some take it with the pinch of salt and few still play it when they are bored.

On average it would take 30-45 seconds to calculate the Flames over the paper. So, to save this time, we developed this online tool to play Flames which shows the result instantly without any delay.

Here is what each letter in FLAMES game stand for

F Friends
L Lovers
A Attraction
M Married
E Enemies
S Siblings

How is Flames Calculated?

The entire game of Flames depends on your name and your partner name. If you even alter single letter in the name, the might be changed completely. So the best part of this game is, you can add/remove surnames until you get the Flames relationship you are looking for. (pun intended)

Calculating relationship using Flames Game

  1. Write down your name and partner's name.
  2. Strikeout all common letters in both names.
  3. Get the count remaining letters (Assuming it as N).
  4. Remove the N'th letter from the word FLAMES (If N > 6; start the second loop)
  5. Continue until you are left with the single letter and it is the Flames relationship.

Flames algorithm with example

Step Procedure
Take two names

Your name: SAMSUNG

Partner name: APPLE

Remove all common letters in both names

Your name will be: SMSUNG

Partner name will be: PPLE

Count the remaining letters Count = 10
Remove the 10'th letter in FLAMES

Removal 1: 10th letter in FLAMES (starting from F) is M

Removal 2: 10th letter in FLAES (Starting from E since we stopped at M in previous step) is A

Removal 3: 10th letter in FLES (Starting from E since we removed A in last step) is S

Removal 4: 10th letter in FLE (Starting from F since we removed S in last step) is F

Last Removal: 10th letter in LE (Starting from L since we removed F last step) is E

Result Now you are left with single letter L - Lovers.

So the Flames for Samsung and Apple is Lovers

This is how FLAMES between two names are calculated. Instead of doing these all steps manually, we created this simple online tool. You have to just enter your names and our tool will show the relationship