Play FLAMES Game Online


This is an online tool to play FLAMES game with your buddies. I bet you have played this game on paper during school days. We used to have a lot of fun and excitement while calculating the result.

Now you can play the same Flames game here now. This relationship calculator takes your name and your partner name as inputs and calculates the relationship by eliminating the common letters in the name.

If you are in love with each other and want to check the lover for each other, then just enter your both name and click "Check Flames"

You will get one of the following relationships

Symbol Relationship Meaning
F Friends You both will have an amazing friendship forever
L Lovers You guys love each other. True lovers
A Attraction You are attracted to each other for many reasons.
M Married You will get married to your partner very soon.
E Enemies Lot of hate. You will be enemies and won't take to each other
S Siblings You both are great siblings and care for each other.