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Fun Games

Every Good Game…

You’re probably thinking “aren’t all good games supposed to be fun games?” Well, yes, that’s absolutely true but there are fun games and then there are fun games. There is a difference, even if it’s a little hard to pin down.

Games… That Are Fun

A lot of games have a kind of seriousness about them. Maybe they deal with complex, adult themes, seeking to evoke a deep emotional response in you. They might aspire to artistic ideals, looking to layer the game experience in deeper meaning. They might hope to be educational — teaching something about yourself and video games or perhaps even a real-world skill.

All of which are fantastic things for a game to want to be! Video games now is such a big medium that there’s space for any kind of game you can imagine. It’s only right that many of them should want to be the best there is artistically, or narratively.

Fun Games

The games we’re talking about in this section have nothing to do with any of that. Or maybe you could say that they’re just as serious but the important thing for them is fun itself! These games are just pure fun that anyone can pick up and enjoy without too much thought or commitment. These games tend to be more forgiving, and will try to make you laugh rather than sweat.

You’ll be able to play as a range of colorful characters, and take part in a wide variety of different activities — all of which are on the silly side.

Fun From The Start

Of course, video games have been fun from the beginning. They would never have become the phenomenon they are today if they weren’t. As complicated as they can be now, video games still live or die on how much fun they offer the player. It’s why so many games now use a core gameplay loop as a proof of their idea before they build a whole game: fun needs to be at the heart of everything they do. You can’t add it later.

As Natural As Plumbers To Monkeys

Before fancy graphics and convoluted storylines were possible, great gameplay and wacky character design were there and your imagination did the rest.

Just think about how Mario might have looked if it hadn’t been for the graphical limitations of the time. And what about Donkey Kong? Would a gorilla with a red tie have been a first choice of villain?

Despite how improbable they might be, these characters have gone on to become icons in a way that many more serious protagonists haven’t. We remember them not because they were unflinching studies in realism, but because they were fun. The truth is that many gamers prefer not to take things too seriously. There will always be a demand for games that exist just for the fun of it.

Funny Games

Fun games aren’t necessarily funny. Humor does feature in many video games, whether from the gameplay itself, or from the content of the story and the attitudes of the characters. From South Park to ToeJam & Earl, some games have planted a flag firmly in comedy and never looked back. Those games can be a lot of fun too but the focus needs to stay on the fun, not the funny, if they’re going to feature here. Normally that means humorous gameplay instead of jokes!

Fun Games Here On Flames Games

If you’re looking to play fun games for free, then our selection is sure to appeal. Like every other game on this website, our fun browser games are totally free to play, forever and work on any device anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

The titles in our broad selection of fun games could hardly be more varied. About the only thing these games have in common is that they’re all a whole lot of intense, uncomplicated fun! Every type and flavor of game you can think of is here;

  • Classic deathmatch action with games like , which presents all the crisp, FPS gameplay you’d expect in a bold, colorful and — yes — fun world
  • Few skills are as well understood as driving, so of course driving games feature heavily on any list of fun games — they’re really easy for anybody to pick up and enjoy, and they usually have a healthy dose of competition involved. They were made for fun! We have the raucous action of games like and , as well as arcade-style racers like
  • You can be sure of a lot of fun playing a top-down construction battler like where you face competition from around the world as you rush to gather resources and stay ahead of the clock
  • Platform battle royale games burst onto the scene a few years back and are pretty much the epitome of the modern party game, with their silly physics, toy-like antics and competitive elements. Why not try for a quick game now to get a taste?

All of these free, fun browser games are perfect for quick, five-minute gaming sessions, although you may have too much fun and lose track of time!

You don’t need to download or install anything. They are ready to go whenever you are, on any device including this one. So why be bored when there’s so much fun available right now?


What is a fun game?

If you have fun when you play it, then nobody can tell you it’s not a fun game! The amazing thing about gamification is that it can make almost anything fun. There are games out there about the most boring real-life things you can think of, but they always find their fanbase. Here in the Fun Games section of Flames Games, we’re all about games that put fun first. These are games that want you to enjoy yourself when you play, to feel thrills and amusement and just have a great time! That’s what we call a truly fun game.

What are some free fun games to play?

Any of the totally free fun browser games in this section of the Flames Games website is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. That’s because all of the games in this section are fun-focused, fun-friendly, fun-forward games! They may feature great graphics or clever mechanics but they will do it while showing you a great time. Why not start with something really zany like the platforming royale action of ?

What games are super fun?

Well that’s a really subjective question! All of the games here in the “Fun Games” section of the Flames Games website are really fun, but which ones you’d say are super fun is up to you! If popularity is anything to go by, battle royale games have been a lot of fun for a while now. Why not try a game right here, right now? You don’t need to download or install anything and it’s completely free to play.